What's inside an Adventure delivery?

By taking part in the Adventure Series, curious kids get a look inside the human body. For curious adults, here’s a peek inside what the first month’s Adventure holds:

  • Time Skaters , a full-color educational comic sized for smaller hands
  • World Map for Adventurers to pin up and track the places they learn about
  • Adventure Guide with healthy recipes, science, and social experiments
  • Sticker sheet, notepads, reusable vials and other cool stuff (for doing those experiments again and again) that encourage learning through play
  • And most importantly: Lots of ways to explore the five senses!

Each month’s Adventure delivery contains an issue of our original comic Time Skaters that introduces kids to a different system of the body and a different location around the world. All of Adventure One comes packed inside a pencil box designed to last, while with Adventure Two, we’ve dared to think outside the box by packing the month's learning inside a customizable comic-themed backpack.

Know Yourself is on a mission to teach big things to growing bodies through creative, kid-tested media. Join us at the crossroads of art, education, and humor. Our 12-part Know Yourself Adventure uses the Time Skaters educational comic and STEAM-based activities to introduce a different system of the human body in each monthly delivery.

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